Coffee powder conveying solution

Coffee powder conveying solution

Eversun vacuum feeder helps customers solve the problem of coffee powder conveying.

An African customer consulted on our website about our conveying plan. He heard about Eversun’s vacuum conveyor from a friend and was very interested in it. Through the on-site pictures and video calls sent by the customer, we have made a basic understanding of the customer’s site. The customer wants to transport the crushed coffee powder to the storage bin. Because of site restrictions, only one feeder can be used. And it is impossible to place a feeder on the top of the silo. After confirming that the customer’s silo can be closed, we recommend EVC-450-7 vacuum conveyor (as shown in the figure below).

EVERSUN vacuum conveyor is a kind of advanced vacuum conveying equipment. It is widely used in food, pharmacy, chemical and other industries for the conveyance of powder, granules, bulk solids, pellets, tablets and others. For the transmission of fragile materials, the vacuum feeder can effectively ensure that the materials will not be damaged. At the same time, for all materials, the vacuum feeder ensures that no leakage of mate-rials will occur during transportation and create one friendly workspace.

  1. Our vacuum conveyor 100% meet GMP standard and can be used in related industries, like food, pharmacy, etc.
  2. High efficiency and safe conveying
  3. The materials will be carefully conveyed to avoid any damage or abrasions
  4. Convenient Installation and simple operation
  5. The modular engineering design make our vacuum conveyor very convenient to install or equipped with other machines.Even one in no-experienced work can acquire the control skill rapidly.
  6. Dust-free working space. The entire conveying process is fully secured to make sure no leakage of materials.
  7. Low energy consumption and cost-saving
  8. The vacuum conveyor use energy-saving technology to the minimum the production cost of plants.


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