Application of sieving machine in aquatic feed production

Application of sieving machine in aquatic feed production

Because aquaculture has strict requirements of water quality, aquatic feed production companies are always using vibrating sieving machine to guarantee high quality feed.The use of vibrating sieving machine for aquatic feed is mostly the sieving of granulated puffed feed or crushed pellet feed, such as classification of raw materials or final products according to particle size, including cleaning of raw material impurities, classification of crushed materials, cleaning of powder impurities before granulation, classification of granulated products, etc. The quality of the sieving effect during processing has a very important influence on the quality and output of feed products.

(Eversun Machinery Linear Vibration Screen)

For the screening of raw materials with high animal protein content, high oiliness, and poor fluidity, it is easy to paste the sieve. Meanwhile, There are problems such as large dust, high maintenance cost, and high noise. To solve all these problems, Eversun Machinery create linear vibration screen. Each linear vibration screen can reach the capacity of more than 6 tons and the working environment can meet the standard of environmental protection.

(Eversun Machinery Vibrating Sieving Machine)

In the screening of expanded particles, because of the need for high output and high screening accuracy,  the original screening sites always used model 1500 rotary vibrating sieving machine to meet the needs. It’s not very convenient for workers to change the sieve and do the cleaning and influence the capacity. So to improve this situation, Eversun machinery upgrade it’s model 1200 to realize the same output and accuracy. And it’s very convenient for workers to do the adjustment.

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