What equipment can be used to transport metal silicon powder to be dust-free and environmentally friendly?

What equipment can be used to transport metal silicon powder to be dust-free and environmentally friendly?

Metal silicon powder is one of the main raw materials of refractory materials. In the production process, we need to use conveying equipment. In the past, many factories did not consider environmental protection factors, and directly used belt conveyors or screw conveyors to convey silica sand, but now it is environmentally friendly. The supervision is very strict. Those who fail to meet the requirements in production will be required to stop work for rectification. So how can we meet the environmental protection requirements?

A company used our vibrating screen to sifter their silicon powder. The sealing performance is also very good. There is basically no dust during the screening, but the silicon powder needs to be transported before the screening. The screw used before. The feeder feeds the material into the silo, which will generate a lot of dust, which causes the local authorities to stop work for rectification. Later, we contacted us to ask if there is any equipment to change this phenomenon.

This company transports silicon powder of about 200 meshes. The transport volume requires 2t/h, the horizontal transport distance is about 8 meters, and the vertical lifting height is 4 meters. Because our business manager has been to their site before to understand their site layout, so recommend a larger model ZKS-10-6 vacuum feeder to them.

The vacuum conveyor uses an air pump to draw the vacuum conveyor into a vacuum. The material is sucked into the vacuum feeder from the suction tube. After a certain period of time, the feeding is completed, and then the discharge port is opened under the action of the rotating cylinder and pulses The valve blows the filter back to complete the discharge. The whole process is carried out in a fully sealed environment, which easily solves the problem of dust leakage. Considering the high friction of silica sand, we designed the body to be more wear-resistant 304 stainless steel to extend the service life of the machine, and at the same time avoid the secondary pollution of carbon steel to silica sand.

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