How to use a vibro sifter machine to sieve pharmaceutical powders

How to use a vibro sifter machine to sieve pharmaceutical powders

Particle separation of pharmaceutical powders is achieved with the installation of vibro sifter machine ensuring product quality and throughput rates.

There is a well-known manufacturer of high therapeutic value drugs for the global pharmaceutical market. With more than ten years of experience, in a recent effort to optimize its size separation of pharmaceutical powders at high capacity, the company approached global sieving and filtration specialist EVERSUN machinery for a new innovative sieving solution.

To ensure particle separation for removal of contamination, the pharmaceutical powders are screened at the granulation stage to separate fine powder from coarse powder. The pharmaceutical powder manufacturer first used a traditional vibro sifter machine for this process. However, this machine delivered powders at a low throughput rate, and was too noisy. This, in turn, affected the rate at which the company could meet customer demand. In order to meet the necessary capacity and hygiene levels, EVERSUN machinery is considered to be an ideal solution to meet the needs of pharmaceutical manufacturers.

As an adaptable and accurate solution,EVERSUN machinery is designed to meet the needs of modern-day pharmaceutical processing and sieving of powders.Providing up to five fractions of powder in one operation, ensuring that the product is sieved at the highest quality in order to meet requirements, this is an innovative solution which enables peace of mind for customers. It is also designed with minimal contact parts, reducing production downtime and allowing for easy cleaning.

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