What kind of conveyor is more suitable for PVC powder?

What kind of conveyor is more suitable for PVC powder?

PVC, also known as polyvinyl chloride, is an important component of PVC profiles, and PVC profiles are widely used in doors, windows, pipes, etc. So which equipment should we choose when conveying PVC powder?

When we select the equipment, we must consider the problems to be avoided in the transportation process from the material itself. First, the PVC powder should be prevented from flying during the transportation process, causing environmental pollution. The second is to avoid blockage during transportation. Finally, it is necessary to ensure that the delivered output needs to meet the needs of users.

A supplier encountered the above problems when conveying PVC powder, so I contacted EVERSUN engineer on the Internet. After understanding their problems, EVERSUN engineer finally changed their on-site screw conveyor to our vacuum conveyor. The feeder not only guarantees the need for feeding them on the extruder on site, but also avoids the phenomenon of material blockage. At the same time, because the vacuum conveyor is transported in the pipeline throughout the entire process, the sealing is very good and the workshop can be kept clean. Hygiene and meet environmental protection requirements.

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