The working principle of the bag dumping station

The working principle of the bag dumping station

The bag dumping station is a new type of feeding device, which is mainly used for manual bag feeding operations. No dust is raised during the feeding process, and the whole process is sealed and transported. It is widely used in feeding operations in various industries.

The working principle of the bag dumping station is to use the principle of negative pressure to collect the dust of the materials. The materials fall into the silo after manually unpacking the bags, which can realize temporary storage, controlled feeding and other operations. After manual feeding through the bag dumping station, the material dust is separated from the working environment, and the production environment is not polluted by dust, which is beneficial to the physical and mental health of the staff.

The bag dumping station is often used in the production environment with high tightness requirements. The material is not easily polluted by the outside during the feeding process. The whole body is made of stainless steel, which is favored by the food industry and the pharmaceutical industry.

The height design of the bag dumping station is scientifically formulated according to manual engineering, and the design is reasonable to reduce the intensity of manual work. Manually place the bagged materials on the workbench and cut the packaging bags. The materials fall from the packaging bags to the bin due to their own weight. The dust from the workbench passes through the induced draft fan. Because of the pressure difference, it flows into the dust bag following the airflow. Some particularly fine dust will remain on the surface of the filter and will not be discharged with the gas. Therefore, there is no dust in the working environment and no dust leakage from the discharge port, which meets the requirements of environmentally friendly production.

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