Is the screening effect of using an ultrasonic vibrating screen good?

Is the screening effect of using an ultrasonic vibrating screen good?

The ultrasonic vibrating screen is designed and produced on the basis of the original three-dimensional vibrating screen, which solves the problems of electrostatic screening, easy agglomeration, easy sticking to the net, and easy adsorption. The three-dimensional movement of the system is provided by the ultrasonic screening system, and the ultrasonic vibration can also receive the material, thereby solving the above-mentioned screening problem, achieving the purpose of cleaning the screen and improving the accuracy of the screening.

In the production process, after the material is placed on the top, it is driven by a vibrating motor, and the surface of the sieve performs three-dimensional movement while receiving high-frequency and low-amplitude ultrasonic vibration waves. The effect of the ultrasonic system makes the amplitude of the mesh lower. It has a sinusoidal curve with strong penetrating ability, more than 20,000 times, can propagate sound waves longitudinally and reflect the material adhering to the screen, thereby preventing the material from plugging the screen.

Ultrasonic screening machine is a new type of screening equipment, which can screen, filter and remove impurities in different materials. With the aid of the ultrasonic system, it can solve the screening work of materials with strong adsorption force, easy to agglomerate, high viscosity, high static electricity, high density, ultrafine powder and other materials. The screening accuracy of this series of screening machines can reach 2-5 times the output of ordinary round screens. The whole machine is made of stainless steel, and the appearance is a fully sealed device, which avoids the phenomenon of ultra-fineness. During the screening of powder materials, dust escapes, and the screening machine adopts an ultra-quiet design, which greatly reduces noise pollution.

Ultrasonic vibrating screen is now suitable for sieving powder materials below 500 mesh and liquid materials below 1200 mesh. Suitable for screening, filtering and removing silicon carbide, electromagnetic powder, tungsten powder, cobalt powder, nickel powder, quartz powder, lithium battery cathode material, anode material, laser powder, carbon powder, powder coating, alloy powder, molybdenum impurity powder, Stainless steel powder, malt powder, spore powder, etc.

The materials used in the screening machine can be divided into stainless steel used for the overall machine and stainless steel used for the parts in contact with the material. However, there are many types of stainless steel. Generally, 304 stainless steel is used. For example, we can choose 316L or stainless steel materials to meet hygiene requirements.

As the parts that directly contact the material, the material of the screen, mesh and thread must have clear requirements, and be cautious when buying. As the main equipment to provide excitation force, the choice of vibration motor is very important! Vibration motors can be divided into ordinary vibration motors and explosion-proof vibration motors. When purchasing, please make a reasonable choice according to your own production requirements.