Reasons for the wide application of vacuum conveyor

Reasons for the wide application of vacuum conveyor

More and more industries choose to use vacuum conveyors, so what are the charms of it?

1.The vacuum conveyor can be used in many industries (including food, medicine, chemical industry, paint, new energy industries), and can transport powder or granular materials (such as flour, salt, sugar, graphite powder, carbon) during the production process. Powder, copper powder, etc.), even some toxic and harmful materials.

2.The vacuum conveyor can be connected with other equipment to directly complete automatic feeding, mixing, separation, packaging, and screening.

3.The vacuum conveyor transports materials through pipelines, so it does not take up too much space, and this transportation method can be transported over long distances, which is very convenient.

4.The vacuum conveyor can transport granular materials with less fluidity and smaller diameter, so it has a wider range of applications.

5.The vacuum conveyor uses the pipeline for transportation, so there is no need to worry about external contamination of the materials being transported.

The main reason is that it has a very high advantage in the transportation of materials. Among them, the feeder uses a filter element as a filtering system to allow the materials to be better filtered when passing through the transportation.

When the vacuum conveyor is used to filter the material, the material of polymer-coated fiber is used, which can effectively prevent the material from generating static electricity during the transportation process, and has the characteristics of large filtering area, good permeability, and fluidity; In this way, the material can be better carried out when the feeder is used for conveying.

The vacuum conveyor can also ensure that the powder will not leak during the conveying process when the powder is conveyed. If the general conveying method is used, it is inevitable that dust will fly in the air, and the powder is easy to It is contaminated by the outside world, and the use of the feeder to transport it has this very good effect. It uses closed pipeline transportation to prevent the powder from contacting the outside world, so as to achieve the desired effect


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