Application of 450 type liquid filter in soy milk industry

Application of 450 type liquid filter in soy milk industry

Soy milk is the most common food in everyday life. Before soy milk is ground, soybeans are soaked in blisters through a refiner. The slurry contains soy milk and a lot of okara. Although the outlet of the refiner is equipped with a filter, which can roughly separate the soybean milk and the bean dregs, it still cannot meet the needs of our daily life. In order to make the soybean milk or soybean products more delicious, the filter screen used to make tofu The mesh number of the sieve is 100-200 mesh, and the 200-300 mesh should be used for making bean curd and dried bean curd.

The 450 type liquid filter is compact, suitable for family workshops or small businesses with a small production volume.

The slurry filter screen is mainly composed of an upper frame, a bottom frame, a screen mesh, a beam ring, a large U, a small V sealing ring, a vertical vibration motor, a bottom cylinder and a shock-absorbing spring.

Features of 450 type liquid filter machine:

①Flanged appearance design It is not easy to splash during the screening process

②Single-mesh and double-hoop solid net frame reduces the friction between the mother-child net and the screen has a long service life.

③Large U sealing ring can effectively prevent slurry leakage

④The motor is imported with original packaging and fully enclosed bearings, which is more convenient to use.

⑤The small V silicone ring reduces the friction between the screen and the screen frame, and the screen has a long service life.

⑥The spring and vibrating body have been treated with anti-corrosion, which is not easy to rust and can extend the service life of the equipment.

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