What should I do if the vacuum feeder does not suck material during operation?

What should I do if the vacuum feeder does not suck material during operation?

The vacuum feeder manufactured now can achieve the application purpose through the vacuum adsorption force in the working process, so that the granular and powdery materials can be better transported through the equipment.Therefore, the use of vacuum feeding equipment can better meet the application needs of modern industries, and to a certain extent make up for the shortcomings of traditional equipment, so now the application of vacuum feeding equipment is getting more and more attention.

However, in the process of using the vacuum feeder, if the staff does not follow the correct operation method for processing and production, it will easily affect the working effect of the equipment, and sometimes the equipment will not absorb materials.If this situation is encountered during the use of the equipment, the staff should pay attention to the inspection of the automatic control system,some equipment does not suck material because the parameter setting is incorrect. At this time, only need to readjust the parameters to achieve the production goal.

In addition, it is necessary to check the pneumatic pump of the vacuum feeder. The pneumatic pump that meets the specified standards will meet the standards in terms of pressure and parameter values.If the pneumatic pump pressure is insufficient during the installation and use of the vacuum feeding equipment, problems will occur at this time.At this time, the technician needs to check the pneumatic valve, and it can basically return to normal after adjustment.

During the installation and use of the vacuum feeder, it is also necessary to pay attention to whether the disassembly method is appropriate. If the top cover and other devices are leaking during the removal of the vacuum feeder,in this way, the equipment may not suck materials during operation.In order for the equipment to achieve higher operating efficiency, we must pay attention to the above issues to ensure that the suction effect of the equipment can make the output and efficiency meet the standards.

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