The application of gyratory vibrating screen in urea industry

The application of gyratory vibrating screen in urea industry

The gyratory vibrating screen has played a very important role in urea industry, which is to remove impurities. Urea is an organic compound composed of carbon, nitrogen, oxygen and hydrogen. It is a white crystal. One of the simplest organic compounds is the main nitrogen-containing end product of protein metabolism in mammals and certain fishes, and it is also the nitrogen fertilizer with the highest nitrogen content. In some fertilizer manufacturers with relatively large processing capacity, the gyratory vibrating screen are generally used to classify urea because of the fine screening, large processing capacity, and high efficiency of the gyratory vibrating screen.

The urea gyratory vibrating screen has a unique reciprocating rotary motion. The rotary motion can quickly spread, layer and separate the material across the entire screen width of the feed end, and drive the material particles to travel to the discharge end.

  1. The particles at the feed end are in a gyroscopic motion mode, which can quickly spread, layer, separate and advance the material across the entire screen width;
  2. The particles in the middle section of the machine are transformed into an elliptical motion mode. This particle motion mode can increase the material handling capacity and improve the screening effect of similar particles;
  3. The linear movement mode at the discharge end. This movement mode has no vertical jumping of particles, which ensures that the material travels on the screen surface.

Urea gyratory vibrating screen can be applied to industries: food, chemical, mineral, plastic, recycling, other. Typical applications: grain screening, urea screening, compound fertilizer screening, diammonium phosphate screening, silicon alloy screening, ceramsite screening, soda ash screening, thenardite screening, graphite screening, PVC finished powder screening, Activated carbon screening, silicon carbide screening, abrasive screening, flux screening, wood screening, tobacco screening, tea screening, etc.

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