Vibrating screen suitable for oyster screening

Vibrating screen suitable for oyster screening

Oysters are the world’s largest cultured shellfish, one of the important marine biological resources available to mankind, and it’s also a globally distributed species. Oysters are not only delicious and nutritious, but also have unique health functions and medicinal value. They are a seafood treasure with high nutritional value. Whether it is the food industry or the pharmaceutical industry, screening is always indispensable in the oyster processing line. Eversun’s special oyster vibrating screen can screen oysters more effectively and accurately.

The following are the characteristics of the vibrating screen:

  1. The whole body is made of food-grade stainless steel, with longer service life and safer processing.
  2. Intelligent vibration, customers only need to connect the power supply to use.
  3. Anti-clogging of the mesh. The vibrating screen has function and automatic cleaning of the blocked network device,  minimizes the probability of blocking the network.
  4. Single-layer or multi-layer choice. Each vibrating screen can choose one to five layers of screens, which can carry out two to six levels of sorting or filtering at the same time.
  5. High-efficiency and precise screening. All incoming materials are automatically discharged, and there is no stock in the machine. The same screen surface screen has a larger capacity than other types of screens. The patented structure of the screen holder developed by the company makes the on-screen material discharged from the machine contain the percentage of the under-sieve, which is smaller than that of other types of machines.
  6. Convenient screen replacement. Reduces the time to replace the screen to 3 to 5 minutes, and the screen has a longer life and higher efficiency.
  7. There is no mechanical transmission. Vibration generated by the new vibration source of the vibrating screen is strong and stable, and the equipment can be installed at any desired position and is easy to move.
  8. Economical and environmentally friendly. The whole machine and screen have a long life, low energy consumption, low maintenance costs, high efficiency, and easy replacement, which make the equipment economical. Low noise, fully enclosed, and outstanding environmental performance.

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