The advantages of the tumbler screen compared with the three-dimensional vibrating screen

The advantages of the tumbler screen compared with the three-dimensional vibrating screen

The tumbler screen is a new type of vibrating sieve newly developed in recent years. It aims at the drowning products extended under the environment of low penetration rate, low production efficiency and limited space in the site. It effectively solves the problem that special materials are difficult to screen, such as: Sheet, rectangular, and barrel-shaped materials are difficult to screen for ordinary vibrating screens, and the use of tumbler screens can be effectively solved.

The tumbler screen drives the sieve body through a belt drive to form a projectile overturning motion, forcing the material to impact the screen at multiple angles. The three-dimensional vibrating screen is a three-dimensional motion formed by the eccentric block of the vibration motor. The direction of vibration force is single, and it is difficult to penetrate the mesh for some special materials with different styles, so the tumbler screen is the best choice.

The production efficiency of the tumbler screen is even more amazing. For example, the production volume of the three-dimensional vibrating screen is 3 tons per hour, and the production of the same material of the tumbler screen will reach as much as 10-15 tons.In particular, the production efficiency of sieving sugar, salt, fertilizer and other granular materials is more obvious. Aiming at the problem of user on-site space limitation, since the production volume of the tumbler screen is much larger than that of the three-dimensional vibrating screen, the on-site space limitation of the user is effectively saved.

At the same time, when the material is blocked, the three-dimensional vibrating screen is equipped with a bouncing ball device to clean the net. The bouncing ball is used to hit the screen up and down to force the material to be discharged.This will have a certain mesh penetration effect, but the force is not focused on the material with a certain viscosity or static electricity, and the tumbler screen is not only equipped with a bouncing ball device, but also equipped with a multi-function brush cleaning device, which can make sticky materials detach instantly.

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