Screening application of tumbler screener in food industry

Screening application of tumbler screener in food industry

Tumbler screener rely on high-frequency vibration to achieve material screening and particle classification. Therefore, tumbler screeners are used in many fields such as chemical industry, feed, fertilizer, and food.

Food safety has always been an issue of great concern to people in recent years. To ensure food safety, we must start with food raw materials. For food material screening machines, there are strict food stall requirements to ensure that all materials in contact with the materials are meet the requirements of food stalls, and ensure good sealing performance, fully enclosed dust does not fly, high screening efficiency and high precision. Convenient disassembly and assembly, easy to clean, no sanitary corners, in line with the requirements of food GMP regulations, and the discharge port can be adjusted at 360 degrees. Convenient and easy to connect with the site, specially designed multiple screen cleaning devices, so that the screen has a high penetration rate, fast discharging, high output, new grid structure, long service life of the screen, no deformation of the mesh, and screen change It only takes 3-5 minutes, no dead corners of the components, easy to clean and disinfect all aspects, low energy consumption, quick start, low noise, no foundation installation, and can be placed in any desired location.

In addition, in order to ensure the screening efficiency of food materials, there are also special methods for cleaning the screen, including clean pinball cleaning, rotary brush cleaning and ultrasonic cleaning.

  1. Clean pinball and net cleaning: Use rubber and silica gel balls that meet the food gear to jump on the punching plate under the screen to bounce the screen to reduce the blockage of the mesh. It is suitable for most granular materials.
  2. Rotary brush cleaning screen: The rotating brush is driven by the decelerating gear and rotates the brush screen below the screen to clean materials. It is suitable for screening of spherical, crystalline and brittle materials.
  3. Ultrasonic cleaning net: high-frequency ultrasound is transmitted to the screen, which not only cleans the screen, but also significantly improves the production capacity. It is suitable for most of the fine, large-volume, and difficult-to-screen materials.

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