Vacuum conveying and powder screening in pharmaceutical industry

Vacuum conveying and powder screening in pharmaceutical industry

In the pharmaceutical industry, compliance with health and safety standards and the ATEX directive is essential. When producing Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API), manufacturers ensure that their operators maintain a safe distance from harmful dust and fumes and minimize the need for manual handling of hazardous products. This can also protect the product from contamination. The combination of vacuum conveyor and vibrating screen provides a safe and reliable solution for the transportation and screening of active pharmaceutical ingredients

One of customers contacted us last month for a screening solution for pharmaceutical powders. Previously, customers have been manually loading products onto the screening machine. This brings the operator the risk of exposure to harmful dust and smoke, is more labor intensive, and may increase the chance of contamination entering the product. We recommended the vacuum conveying and screening solutions to the customer, and made drawings and showed the previous cases to the customer, telling the customer that the system solution has the mainly advantages:

  1. Vacuum conveying, from feeding and conveying to screening and then to unloading, realizing airtight production, no dust flying to ensure the safety of employees
  2. The PLC control system realizes remote control of the entire production line and improves production efficiency
  3. The internal visualization of the screening, the screening quality can be checked at any time
  4. All food-grade stainless steel production, safe and hygienic
  5. The machine is easy to disassemble and clean, and it can be disassembled and assembled without tools. The automatic filter cleaning system can keep the vacuum conveyor running uniformly without manual cleaning.

The customer is very satisfied with our plan and immediately sent a PO over. At present, the products have been sent to Africa waiting for its owner to sign for receipt

Vacuum conveying and screening machine is a complete and independent system, which can complete the conveying, screening and unloading of products in one operation. The transportation distance of powders, granules and tablets can be up to 5 meters, and its compact design allows the system to be easily installed in existing production lines


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