Application of EVERSUN sieving machine in feed processing industry(first part)

Application of EVERSUN Sieving Machine in Feed Processing Industry

The application of sieving machine in the feed processing industry is mainly concentrated in two aspects: one is to clean up impurities in raw materials, the other is to classify raw materials or products according to their particle size (including the cleaning of impurities in raw materials, the classification of crushed materials, and cleaning of impurities in the powder before granulation and classification of granulated products.)

It can be said that the screening equipment is used in all aspects of the feed processing technology, so the quality of sieving machine during the processing process has a very important impact on the quality and yield of the feed. Below we will analyze these four processes one by one.

food grade EVERSUN sieving machine

First, the cleaning of granules

Feed mills customarily refer to the materials that need to be crushed as granules, including grain and meal materials.

Grain raw materials come directly from the field, and the impurities contained are relatively complicated. There are mainly two types of impurities: one is impurities larger than the grain size of grain raw materials, such as stones, corn cobs, hemp chips, straw, hemp rope, plastic chips, etc. The others are soil and fine sand of small granule size.

At present, the most common grain cleaning equipment in feed mills is the cylinder preliminary cleaning screen, which is characterized by large output, low power consumption, and high removal rate of large impurities, which can reach 99%, but it cannot remove dirt and fine sand smaller than the grain size.

Although the grain content of grain raw materials is only 0.1% to 0.4%, in a vertical silo with a capacity of more than 1,000 tons, several tons of silt will be deposited at the bottom of the silo and concentrated into the processing process, which will seriously affect the product quality, and will aggravate the wear of various equipment, especially the pelletizer.

Therefore, large feed mills cannot ignore the removal of mud and sand from grain raw materials. It is recommended to use a vibrating sieving machine in grain processing to clean up grain raw materials. EVERSUN feed sieving machine uses a double-layer sieve surface with different sieve holes, which can clean up large impurities and fine sand. In addition, this cleaning screen uses a wire-woven mesh screen, and the noise during operation is much smaller than that of a cylindrical preliminary cleaning screen using a punching screen. The recommended sieve holes are selected according to the upper sieve 20 × 20 mm or φ20 ~ φ25 mm, and the lower sieve 1.5 × 1.5 mm or φ1.2-φ1.5 mm.

food grade EVERSUN sieving machine