Rotary valve/BFM fittings/Sleeves/Detection magnets

EVERSUN Machinery is the most professional manufacturer of dust-free feeding, vibrating screening, conveying and lifting, crushing, mixing, and packaging equipment. We have many accessories for these equipment, such as bouncing ball vibration motors, springs, mother-child grids, ultrasonic systems, metal hose, iron remover, rotary valve, BFM fittings, sleeves, detection magnets, etc.

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+  Rotary valve

The rotary valve is also called unloader, rotary star valve. It is an important equipment for hopper, vacuum conveyer, turnover bin, and ventilation dust removal system. The rotary valve is divided into three categories: common type, pressure-resistant type, and high-temperature resistant type. It is widely used in milling, feed, machinery, the chemical industry, metallurgy, cement, and many other fields. For powdery, granular, flake, and fibrous materials under positive pressure and negative pressure, it plays the role of continuous discharge and air tightness.

The inlet and outlet of the rotary valve are square or circular, with feeding from the upper part and discharging from the lower part.

+  BFM fitting

The BFM fitting is a pipe fitting used to connect powder processing equipment and pipelines. Its main function is to compensate for displacement and stress caused by equipment or pipeline vibration and to transport powder. It has a steel joint with an inner card slot + a soft connection that matches the rebound snap seal. The BFM fitting can ensure the normal operation of the equipment under high temperature, positive pressure, and other working conditions.

It can be added to the inlet and outlet of the screening machine and conveyor to keep the materials clean and prevent dust from flying when the materials are transported to the screening machine and conveyor or transferred to another place.

+  Sleeves

The sleeve is nut, which is screwed together with a bolt or a screw to act as a fastening part, and is an element that must be used in all manufacturing machinery. According to different materials, it is divided into several types such as carbon steel, stainless steel, non-ferrous metals (such as copper)

EVERSUN Machinery can not only produce standard nuts for you, but also produce non-standard nuts for you, such as the size, type, material, internal structure of nuts can be customized.

+  Detection magnets

This machine is a drawer-type iron remover, which is used in conjunction with various belt conveyors, vibrating conveyors, super sack loading stations, etc., and can be used to automatically absorb 0.1-35kg of iron from moving powdery and granular materials. Detection magnets are widely used in cement, metallurgy, mining, glass, coal, ceramics, chemical industry, electronics, food, building materials, and other industries.

Features: Each magnetic bar is arranged in different vertical positions, and the magnetic field strength of each bar reaches more than 12,000 Gauss. It is all made of SUS304 stainless steel, and all surfaces and welding heads are seamless and highly mirror-polished.