Z jinis ember elevator

Z jinis ember elevator

ember Volume: 1.8L ~ 6.5L
materi ember: ABS, PP, SUS304
Papan mlebu lan stopkontak:Tunggal utawa pirang-pirang
Bahan awak: Baja karbon utawa SUS304
Kapasitas ngirim: 4~ 12m3 / h
Tegangan: 220V / 380V / 415V / 440V utawa Selaras

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What is Z Type Bucket Elevator?

Z jinis ember elevator is one classic type of bucket elevator. As one convenient conveying equipment, the machine can efficiently transfer the materials from low position to high position. Based on the use condition, Z type bucket elevator can be customized with different length, different height, single or multiple inlets and single or multiple outlets. The stable structure, low maintenance cost and simple operation make it widely used for agriculture and chemical industry.


(Customized bucket elevator for different industries)

Advantage of bucket elevator

1.Flexible structure for different use condition
The machine can be made as Z type, C type, single or multiple inlets, single or multiple outlets to realize different conveying purposes.
2.Optional food grade PP materials or SUS304 for buckets
The loading buckets can be made by food grade PP material or SUS304 to protect the conveying materials.
3.Simple operation and no noise
The operation is very simple and friendly for the users, and working sound is very low.
4.Compact structure and low maintenance cost
With stable and compact structure, the maintenance cost for bucket elevator is very low and working lifetime is very long.

How to choose the right Z type bucket elevator?

To choose one right bucket elevator, you should provide the information of your conveying length, conveying height, handling materials, conveying capacity and other necessary info that you want us know. The engineers of Eversun machinery will figure out one most suitable design of Z type bucket elevator to realize your use purpose.

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