Minerals&serbuk Metal

Minerals&serbuk Metal


wêdakakêna Metal sieving lan proses tingkatan tansah siji watu hard kanggo industri screening. Thanks kanggo engineer skillful kita lan taun efforts, now our Eversun series sifter machines equipped with modern sieving technologies can help our clients easily get specific particle sizes for all metal powders, ora padha gabungan, hard, utawa wangun liya. Kangge, karo sistem cetha sieving ultrasonik kita, efisiensi sifting lan tingkatan proses bakal tambah banget.

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Generally speaking, quartz stone is a new type of stone synthesized by more than 90% quartz crystal plus resin and other microelements. In order to improve the quality of the screening, the Eversun provides the right sieving equipment for different situations.

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Coal screening is an important basis for the rational use of coal and the quality standards for coal products. We can take a certain number of coal samples according to the specified sampling method, then screening and measuring them. The coal sample is sifted by sieves with different meshes , divided into different particle size levels, and then the quality of each particle size is determined separately.

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The metal powder refers to a metal particle group having a size of less than 1 mm, such as iron powder, wêdakakêna aluminium, wêdakakêna alloy, zinc powder, metal powder, silver powder, wêdakakêna tembaga, tungsten powder, molybdenum powder, titanium powder, zirconia or others. A common problem of sieving metal powder is that the screen is always blocked, and the Eversun sifter machine and ultrasonic system can solve this problem.

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