sabuk conveyor

jembaré Sabuk(mm): 400-1200
dawa Sabuk(mm): ≤30
Bahan pigura: Baja SUS304 utawa baja karbon
kacepetan Sabuk(m / s): 0.8-2
kapasitas(t / h): 40-1284
Power(KW): 1.5-15
price(USD): 1500-30000

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What is belt conveyor?

As one flexible and cost-saving conveying equipment, sabuk conveyor is one ideal option for the movement of products in many industries. It can be applied to various products with different sizes, shapes and weights for long distance conveying. Uga, the transmission path of belt conveyor can be adjusted from 0 degree to 90 degree. So that the user can transfer the goods from high point to low point or from low point to high point.

(Customized belt conveyor for different industries)

Multiple optional material for belt part: PU,PVC,Rubber.
The belt conveyor is made based on compact structure.
The feature of adjustable elastic make machine suitable for many condition.
Anti- acid, anti-corrosion and anti-insulation.
Long working life with low maintenance cost.

How to choose the right belt conveyor?

Please provide to our engineers with the infomation of your materials, conveying lenght, ngirimake dhuwur, conveying capacity and other necessary details you want us to know. Our engineers will make one perfect design of sabuk conveyor based on your actual use condition.

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