Gyratory kedher Layar

Gyratory kedher Layar

  • Jembar(mm): 1200-2000
  • Length(mm): 2400-4000
  • reresik tliti: ≤350 bolong utawa ≥0.028mm
  • lapisan: 1-3
  • Power(KW): 5.5-7.5
  • jinis produk: otomatis, Saringan gyratory jinis Rotex
  • pilihan materi struktur: 316L stainless steel, 304 stainless steel, baja karbon.
  • ngatur layanan: Kabeh bagean bisa selaras
  • price(USD): 8000-30000

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Pambuka Produksi

Gyratory vibrating screen can also be called as rotex type screener, it is one kind of rotex type gyratory screener. It can realize high capacity sieving output from tens to hundreds of tons . Kang utamané dipigunakaké kanggo wêdakakêna karet, gandum, gula, plastik, mine and other industries. With the unique engineering structure,the gyratory vibrating screen use giant screen area and three-step sieving motion to realize one screening process of high output and accuracy.

The first step is gyratory motion. This will happen at the feed side of gyratory vibrating screen, the materials will spread across the sieve rapidly and go forward with stratification.

The second step is elliptical motion. When the materials come to the central area of sieve, they will do elliptical movement. During this process, the materials will get efficiently stratified and move forward.

The third step is reciprocating motion. The materials continue to go through efficient stratification until arrival the discharge end. During the entire sieving process, the materials are always touching the screen surface.

Three-step Sieving Motion of Gyratory Vibrating Screen


Fitur lan kaluwihan:

1.Big output capacity with high precision—— The gyratory vibration screen is one kind of rotex screener, it is designed to realize big output capacity for various use conditions.

2.Sing sacara sakabèhané diubengi tanpa bocor - desain unik saka struktur mesin ndadekake manawa ora bocor kelakon sak proses sieving, supaya ora bahan bakal boroske lan ora polusi bakal kelakon.

3.Ora karusakan kanggo bahan - bahan bakal nggunakake motor normal tinimbang motor geter apa circulation saka sieving ing lumahing layar. Supaya bahan ora njaluk apa kekuatan fisik njaba lan ora karusakan bakal kelakon kanggo bahan.

4.Trep Inspection-- buruh bisa kanthi gampang mriksa kawontenan materi sak proses sieving, supaya apa kawontenan kabeh bisa kontrol.


How to Choose the Suitable Gyratory Vibrating Screen

Our experienced engineers will have detailed communication with clients to fully understand the their needs. Then based on those information, such as material feature, target capacity, and use condition, they will design the suitable model of gyratory vibrating screen kanggo klien’ checking. Before final shipment, the inspection images and videos will be made and provided for clients’ konfirmasi, or we can even present online live broadcast to show the machine. After everything confirmed, the gyratory vibrating screen will be shipped to the clients.


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