Bag Dumping Station

  • Größe der Dämpfungsstation(mm): Angepasst
  • Arbeitsluftdruck(MPA): 0.6~ 1.5
  • Leistung(KW): Basierend auf einem anderen Modell
  • Produktart: Automatisch
  • Strukturmaterialoption:316L Edelstahl, 304 rostfreier Stahl, Kohlenstoffstahl.
  • Service anpassen: Alle Teile können angepasst werden
  • Anwendung: Pulver, Granulat, Bulk Solids und andere Zutaten.

  • Beschreibung
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What is Bag Dumping Station?

EVERSUN bag dumping station is widely used in industries of chemical , Lebensmittel, Apotheke, battery and others. It’s one essential machine for GMP plants to guarantee one dust-free work space during the process of removing packages for powder, dust, granulated materials or any other similar materials. It can effectively eliminate the dust pollution, protect the workers and prevent containment.

EVERSUN bag dumping station can be equipped with vibration screen and installed above the silo, and the purified materials will be directly discharged into the silo. The bag dumping station can also be used for uniform feeding of various pneumatic conveying equipment, the materials will be discharged from barrels, bags or any kinds of packages into the station and get purified, then be conveyed into silo via conveying equipment.

(EVERSUN Customized Bag Dumping Station for Different Industries)

In the process of unpacking and discharging, the dedusting equipment is always running and the surrounding of bag dumping station is in a negative pressure state. So that the dust generated during the discharging will not overflow, which ensures the cleanliness of the production environment and the health of the operating workers.


The Advantages of EVERSUN Bag dumping Station

  • Modular Structure Design
    The modular engineering design of EVERSUN bag dumping station guarantees that the machine can be easily installed or configurated with other machines, such as packing machine, conveying equipment or mixer.
  • Freundliche Bedienung
    The operation of bag dumping station is designed to be very simple in order to make sure that workers can acquire the skill rapidly.
  • Dust-free Production Space
    Dedusting system of bag dumping station will always guarantee the clean work space to protect operators and avoid environmental contamination
  • FDA, GMP and cGMP Qualified
    Our bag dumping station is strict following the standards of FDA, GMP and cGMP and can be used to related plants.

For any of our clients, after detailed communicationour engineers will provide one suitable design of bag dumping station based on clientsactual needs. And the machine will be manufactured under strictly inspection of our experts. After we finish the bag dumping station, the video will be made for inspection of clients. inzwischen, before the shipment, we will double-check the quality of machines to make sure 100% good situation. That’s our EVERSUN quality assuarance system. So if you want bag dumping station, pls contact us.

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