titreşimli Ayırıcı

  • Ekranın Çap (mm): 330-1800
  • eleme hassas: örgü veya ≥0.028mm ≤500
  • tabaka: 1-5
  • Güç (KW): 0.25-3
  • Ürün tipi: Otomatik
  • Yapı malzemesi seçeneği : 316L paslanmaz çelik, 304 paslanmaz çelik, karbon çelik.
  • hizmetini özelleştirme: Tüm parçalar özelleştirilebilir
  • Fiyat (Amerikan Doları): 1000-7000
  • Uygulama: Pudra, Granül, Sıvı, Toplu katı maddeler ve diğer bileşenler.

  • Açıklama

ürün tanıtımı

Eversun vibratory separator is one kind of high efficient sieving equipment. It can do sifting, filtering and grading for all kinds of fine materials. With high rate of throughput and accuracy, our vibratory separatory can efficiently achieve the goal of sieving and grading.

(SS304 vibratory separator)


EVERSUN vibratory separator allow users to adjust the phase angle of the upper and lower ends on the motor, bu ekran yüzeyi üzerinde maddenin titreşim iz değiştirebilir. bu yoldan, üretilen iş ve doğruluğu bir mükemmel dengeye tutulabilir.

For any industry of food, eczane, additive, kaplama, or other industries, EVERSUN GROUP can provide various models of vibratory separator to meet clientsneeds. Ayrıca, EVERSUN GROUP can customize vibratory separator for some special separation request.

Being the most vital and advanced circular gyratory type machine or a separator, vibratory separator is the most vital sifting and separating processing machine that is required in different industry verticals and for use in different applications. It is based on gyratory sifting action that is taken into use for clearing the screening area and encourages a high rate of throughput. The most common areas of using one such advanced machine is powder, granüller, sıvı, bulk solids and other ingredients that need more accuracy and purity to develop and produce something advanced.


Our Unique Service for Vibratory Separator

For all our vibratory separator, Bizim fabrika sağlayacaktır:
1. Detailed pre-sale sieving advice.
2. Customized machine for your industry.
3. Çevrimiçi teknik destek.
4. teslimattan önce makinenin video kontrolu
5. Makinenin video yükleme
6. Güvenilir satış sonrası servis hizmeti.
7. 18 aylar kalite güvence ve yaşam süresi teknik yardım.
8. We can send engineeres to clients’ company for assistance.
9. müşterilerinden gelen gerekli tüm yardımlar.

Eversun Machinery Offers New Range of Vibratory Separator

If you are looking for the new range of high-grade and durable vibratory separator, you have come at the right place – Eversun Machinery. We have a broad and exclusive range of machines that are easy to use and come with a number of added features and benefits. Choose the right one of your choice, go through the details and place your order.

We have an exclusive range of high efficient equipment for sieving that are easy to customize and designed according to your requirement. bizim titreşimli ayırıcı is ideal for different industries and applications; while it is the most vital machinery for different works like grading, filtering and sifting for all kinds of materials and powder forms to separate impurity and particles that may create problems.

What Makes Vibratory Separators Ideal to Use?

Our machines are easy to use and come with high rate of throughput and accuracy that will surely do wonders for you. They are easy to install and helpful in achieving the main target of grading and sieving in successful way without more time consuming. Our separators are designed specifically to allow users – adjusting the phase angle – mainly of both lower ends and upper ends on the motor. It is essential to do for changing the vibration trace of the material on the screen surface. It is the most vital process taken into consideration – mainly to keep perfect balance of throughput and accuracy.

There are different types of models available here that are ideal to use and come with a number of added features Some of the most vital industries that need vibratory separator like food, additive, kaplama, pharmacy and different other industries. We also offer you customized vibratory separator at competitive rates that you can get according to your choice and requirement. Go through the details and get the best models delivered right to your address on time.