pneumatisk korntransportør

pneumatisk korntransportør

Kapacitet: 2-80t / t

Vandret transportafstand: 20-60m eller tilpasset

Løftehøjde: 2-15m

Størrelse: Tilpasset

Ventilator flow: 1150-3680m3/h

Strukturmateriale: Rustfrit stål, kulstofstål

Strøm: 5.5-110kw

Pris(USD): 3000~1000

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Introduction of pneumatic grain conveyor

Pneumatic grain conveyor, also known as grain suction conveyor or grain transfer equipment, is a device used to collect, convey, and store grains. It is mainly used in the agricultural field to conveniently and quickly absorb and convey grains from car, storage, lager, or ground to the target location. The pneumatic grain conveyor is mainly used to handle various types of grains and grains, including but not limited to the following materials: corn, wheat, rice, soybeans, oats, oatmeal, brown rice, glutinous rice, millet, sorghum.

The pneumatic grain conveyor mainly consists of a transition bin, a closed air discharge valve, a Roots blower, a dust removal device, and a conveying pipeline. The machine can be customized according to special needs, such as dust-proof design, anti-static treatment, anti-corrosion coating, etc.

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grain suction machine

Fordele & Features of pneumatic grain conveyor

(1) Improve work efficiency: The grain suction machine can quickly and continuously absorb and transport grains, improving the efficiency of the collection and storage process.

(2) Reduce loss and pollution: Grain collection through a suction machine can reduce grain loss and pollution during transportation and ensure the integrity and quality of the grain.

(3) Flexibility and adaptability: Grain suction machines can adapt to different types and sizes of grain collection and conveying needs, and can be customized and adjusted.

(4) Automated control: It is equipped with an automated control system, which can monitor and adjust the suction, transport, and storage processes to improve the accuracy and stability of operation.

Working process of grain suction machine

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Working principle of grain suction machine

(1) Suction: The suction machine usually has a suction port to suck in the grain through the principle of negative pressure. The suction port is usually located in the lower part of the equipment and is in contact with the accumulation surface of the grain. The negative pressure generated by the suction machine sucks the grain into the pipe or container.

(2) Conveying: The sucked grain passes through a pipeline or conveying system, and is transported from the feed port of the suction machine to the target location under the action of mechanical conveying or pneumatic conveying. The conveying process can use screw conveyors, båndtransportører, pneumatic conveying, etc., and the appropriate conveying method can be selected according to specific needs.

(3) Storage: Once at the destination, the grain can be stored in warehouses, bins, or other containers for subsequent handling, sale, or processing.

How to buy grain suction machine

When purchasing a grain suction machine, you need to consider factors such as grain type and capacity, conveying distance and height, equipment quality and durability, power source automation functions, cost, and budget. Our professional engineers will help you choose a suitable high-quality suction machine based on your needs.

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