Tumbler Máy Chiếu

  • lớp: 1-5
  • Đường kính của màn hình(mm): 600-2600
  • sàng chính xác: ≤500 lưới hoặc ≥0.028mm
  • dịch vụ Custmoized: Tất cả các bộ phận có thể được tùy chỉnh
  • lựa chọn nguyên liệu cấu trúc:316thép không gỉ L, 304 thép không gỉ, thép carbon
  • Giá bán(đô la Mỹ): 4500-28000
  • Ứng dụng: phấn, hạt, Chất lỏng, Rắn số lượng lớn và các thành phần khác.
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Eversun Machinery Tumbler Screening Machine

Eversun Machinery Tumbler Screening Machines is used for the screening of bulk materials in all industries and is classified safely. Eversun Machinery Tumbler Screeners is currently the most effective simulation principle of artificial screening motion (screening accuracy, efficiency, and screen life are 5-10 times that of conventional vibration screens), which meets all fine and ultrafine ranges of powders and particles Material, especially suitable for difficult materials. The imitation artificial design principle of the Tumler screening machine is a high-efficiency sieving machine specially designed to meet the needs of large-capacity and high-precision screening.

(EVERSUN Customized Tumbler Screening Machine)

Tumbler screening machine


Eversun Machinery Tumbler Screening Machines function

1.Lên đến 5 times the output per unit area; accurate to 6-level separation, screening efficiency up to 90% -99%.

2.Using high-efficiency screen cleaning device system such as silicone rubber ball and ultrasonic, the screen mesh will not be blinded, and the screening efficiency and capacity will be effectively improved. Sealed dust removal for safe operation

3.Adding a pneumatic lifting device is a fast screen changing device designed for frequent change of particle size and material. It can be changed quickly and easily without the need of other lifting equipment.


Application range of Eversun Machinery Tumbler Screening Machines

Tumbler screening technique is widely used in a variety of industries. For example, it can be used to remove Impurities in food processing to ensure product quality and safety. For the chemical industry, solids can be separated from solids or liquids. Ngoài ra, it can also be used in medicine and recycle , Khai thác mỏ, nhựa, đất, vv. to classify light, heavy, small, dry, dusty, wet and sticky materials of various particle sizes.

Tumbler screening machine of Eversun Machinery can customize products according to your industry and material characteristics to meet the screening needs of different customers. If you have any questions, please LIÊN HỆ CHÚNG TÔI



Mô hìnhlớpQuyền lực
Đường kính rây hiệu quả
Sieve Area
YBS-6001~50.256000.21120~3600~10 degree
YBS-10001~51.510000.66120~3600~10 degree
YBS-12001~52.212000.98120~3600~10 degree
YBS-16001~5416001.81120~3600~10 degree
YBS-20001~5420002.8120~3600~10 degree
YBS-24001~45.524004.15120~3600~10 degree
YBS-26001~45.526005.31120~3600~10 degree
YBS-32001~41132007.5120~3600~10 degree