3Máy trộn bột D

  • Khối lượng thùng trộn(L): 2 đến 2000
  • Trộn trọng lượng tải(KGS): Dựa trên mô hình khác nhau
  • Trọng lượng máy(KGS): 15 đến 1700
  • Tần số điều chỉnh(RPM): 3 đến 17
  • Quyền lực(KW): 0.18 đến 15
  • Phạm vi giá(đô la Mỹ): 2000 – 30000
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What is 3D Powder Mixer?

Eversun 3D powder mixer is widely used to mix various powder and granule of good fluidity in different industries. Driven by the active shaft, our mixer makes repeated combination motions of translation, rotating, and tumbling to promote the three-dimension composite movement of the material along the cylinder.

Under our unique mixture movement, the flow and diffusion of various materials are accelerated during the mixing process, meanwhile, our 3D mixer avoids the separation and accumulation of specific gravity of materials caused by the centrifugal force. Eversun 3D mixer is now doing the service in the industries of pharmaceutical, hóa chất, món ăn, metallurgical and scientific research.

Eversun 3D Powder Mixer


The Advantage of Eversun 3D Powder Mixer

1. Customized service——The 3D mixture volume can be customized based on different needs.

2. ISO, CE and GMP qualified——All our 3D mixture are ISO and CE certified, and qualified for GMP standard.

3. Flexible operation——The mixing time, frequency, and speed can be settled by smart operation panel.

4. Optional structure materials——The mixture structure can be made by food grade SS304, food grade SS316L or other materials required.

How to choose one suitable 3D powder mixer

Eversun 3D powder mixer can be customized based on the different request of clients. Please inform our engineers about the mixing volume, mixing capacity, the density of your materials and other information you want us know, our engineers will choose the suitable model based on your use condition. After your confirmation, we will start the production of your machine. Once the mixer is finished, we will send you inspection images and videos for your checking. Sau đó, the 3d powder mixer will be sent to your loacation.


Technical parameter of Eversun 3D powder mixer mixing machine:

ModelGross volumeMax. loading volumeMax. loading weightRotary speedQuyền lựcDimension (L*W*H)weight