Hazne Silosu

  • Volume: Özelleştirilmiş
  • Shape: Özelleştirilmiş
  • Structure material optional: SS 316L, SS 304, Carbon steel
  • Optional accessories: Vibrator, Load cell.,etc

  • Açıklama

EVERSUN hopper silo can be connected with vacuum conveyor, mixer, sifter and other kinds of equipment for different production lines. It can efficiently discharge the inside materials into target equipment. Vibrator, load cell, butterfly valve and other accessories can be installed on the hopper silo for different purposes.

Hopper silo connected with vacuum conveyor


Our stainless steel hopper silo are right now widely used for storage in magnetic materials industry, gıda işleme endüstrisi, plastik işleme endüstrisi, lityum tozu endüstrisi, kaplama endüstrisi, kimyasal endüstri, Yapı sektörü, tarım endüstrisi ve ilaç endüstrisi vb.

Hopper silo connected with vibration screen

EVERSUN engineers can design the shape and volume of hopper silo based on the actual request fo clients. No matter it’s small volume, such as 50L or large volume, such as 100000L, we can manufacture it for clients. Please contact our engineers for detailed discussion.