Miscelatore a cono quadrato

Volume del barilotto di miscelazione(l): 300 a 8000

Peso di caricamento della miscela(KG): Basato su un modello diverso

Peso macchina(KG): 600 a 1700

Frequenza regolabile(RPM): 3 a 17

Potenza(KW): 1.5 a 15

Fascia di prezzo(Dollaro statunitense): 2000 – 30000

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What is Square Cone Mixer?

The square cone mixer is one kind of cone mixer, it is developed by combining the characteristics of a variety of mixers, and is suitable for a wide range of mixing application. It can guarantee full compliance with GMP standard, CE and ISO qualification. It is especially suitable for the mixing process of products with relatively single varieties and large batches, such as the mixing of solid preparations in the industries of medicine, cibo, dairy, and chemical reagents.

The Working Principle of Square Cone Mixer

The materials enter the square cone mixer through manual, vacuum conveyor or other methods. The symmetrical axis of the hopper forms an angle with the axis of the rotary shaft. The materials of different components move in three-dimensional space in the mixer hopper, resulting in strong turnover and diffusion and shrinkage to achieve a perfect mixing result.


Features of Square Cone Mixer

  • miscelatore da laboratorio, miscelatore da laboratorio, miscelatore da laboratorio, miscelatore da laboratorio 99%, and the volumetric loading coefficient reaches 0.8;
  • miscelatore da laboratorio, funzionamento stabile, miscelatore da laboratorio;
  • miscelatore da laboratorio, miscelatore da laboratorio, miscelatore da laboratorio, facile da pulire, miscelatore da laboratorio, miscelatore da laboratorio;
  • miscelatore da laboratorio.


Service of Eversun Machinery

According to different usage environments, our professional engineers will provide suitable models. Please contact our engineers and inform the usage requirements, such as mixing volume, space restriction and other information. Our engineers will customize design drawings of square cone mixer for your confirmation based on your request.